Vol 7

Vol. 7 Highlights

The introduction of Ryunosuke Fujinami and her obnoxious father. Followed by many stories focusing upon Ryunosuke’s character.

Return of Tobimaro Mizunokoji including revelations into his relationship with Ryoko.

Ataru’s friends learn how inedible Lum’s cooking really is.

More beachside stories.

Kurama returns again. This time she has her eye on Ryuunosuke.

Ten’s mother finally comes to pay the Moroboshi family a visit.

Note: These “scanlations” have all been flipped to read in the normal English language sense. Read them left to right as you would any other comic book.

Chapter 1: The Campus Baseball War
Shutaro Mendo’s clumsy rival Tobimaro returns for their annual baseball showdown. Ryoko arrives to have some fun at their expense.

Chapter 2: The Strict Camping Trip
Lum drags Ataru and his friends along on a camping trip. Ah, the experience of the great outdoors and Lum’s own campfire cooking. Did anyone bring the stomach pump?

Chapter 3: Adventures in Shangri-La
Ataru and company continue to face a choice between starvation and eating Lum’s food. Cherry leads them to a magical land of giant peaches and hairy hermits.

Chapter 4: A Little Bit of Sakura
The guys are happy to run into Sakura at the beach, but as always she isn’t interested in hanging out with perverted teenaged boys. Ten’s sand-shaping toy provides the solution.

Chapter 5: I Want a Date by the Fickle Sea
A pathetic dolphin wants to meet young women. Lum wants to find a way to make Ataru jealous. The both of them work together for mutual gain.

Chapter 6: Cleaning Up the Ocean
Can Ataru and Mendo’s tenacious girl-chasing be harnessed for the good of the environment?

Chapter 7: Battle Family
Introducing Ryunosuke. Even with the weather getting colder, one teashop by the beach remains open. Run by a father and “son” who just can’t get along. The gang soon discovers how dysfunctional they really are.

Chapter 8: Hello Sailor Suit (fetish)
Ryunosuke and father move into Tomobiki High School. Now that she’s enrolled, will Ryunosuke finally be able to wear the school uniform she’s always dreamed of?

Chapter 9: Give Me Gym Shorts
The question begs to be asked. Does Ryunosuke belong in the boys gym class or the girls? She’s stuck with the guys, but Ryu fights for her right to wear girls gym shorts.

Chapter 10: Ran, the Model of Femininity – Part 1
Ryunosuke, the manliest girl in existence meets Ran, the girliest girl in school. Hijinks aplenty!

Chapter 11: Ran, the Model of Femininity – Part 2
Ran and Ryuunosuke go out on a date. Ryuunosuke is hoping to get tips on how to be more feminine while Ran is unaware that her date isn’t a dude and is scheming to make Lum jealous.

Chapter 12: The Weary Way of Womanhood!!
Ataru and Mendo try to train Ryunosuke the ways of womanhood.

Chapter 13: Proof of a Woman
Ten is burning to take revenge on Ryunosuke for a percieved attack. Everyone else tries to convince him that Ryu is a girl.

Chapter 14: Drawing is a Sport!
The class goes on an art class field trip and are assigned to draw an ostrich. The ostrich is ugly, but he’s so vain that he destroys any artwork that isn’t flattering.

Chapter 15: My Groom is a Girl!
Kurama’s minions decide Ryunosuke is the perfect candidate for to procreate with their princess. They’re not about to let the fact that they’re both women get in the way of a perfect match.

Chapter 16: The Lady Ataru!!
Hold on to your lunch. This one’s not for the squemish. Kurama’s crow minions bring a sex-change cannon, intended to use on Ryunosuke, but instead it blasts Ataru. Ever curious what Ataru would be like as a woman? Me neither.

Chapter 17: Sex-Change Chaos
Lum wants to change Ataru back to a boy, Kurama wants Ryunosuke, Ataru wants Kurama, The crow goblins are in cahoots with Ryunosuke’s father to turn her into a man, and Ryunosuke wants a way out.

Chapter 18: Autumn of…Matsutake!
The class has a covert pot-luck “nabemono” party. Cherry brings what appears to be rare and expensive matsutake mushrooms to add to the pot. The mushrooms turn out to be magic, if you catch my drift.

Chapter 19: The Demon Bottle
Lum releases a demon trapped within a sake bottle enshrined in Sakura’s home. The demon falls of the wagon and gets Onsen-Mark and Ryunosuke’s father to join in the party.

Chapter 20: My Mom the Firefighter – Part 1
Ten’s absentee monther shows up out of the blue, the first time since Ten started staying with them. The normally bratty Ten is suddenly on his best behavior and Ataru declares it open season on teasing Ten.

Chapter 21: My Mom the Firefighter – Part 2
Caught between fear of his mother and anger with Ataru, Ten tries to get revenge on Ataru behind her back. But Ataru has a secret weapon.

Chapter 22: My Love Darling’s Peril!
When Ataru eats one of Ran’s special cupcakes, he becomes deathly ill. Lum must go in search of Ran in hopes of finding some way to cure Ataru before it’s too late.

Chapter 23: Clamorous Party on a Christmas Tree!!
When Ryoko decides to throw a Christmas party, she does it in a way that only the Mendo family can- by having all of her guests climb a giant Christmas tree with a kiss for the winner on the line.

Chapter 24: Family Treasure Lies in Wait!!
Mendo’s sick, elderly grandfather sends him and the rest of his friends on a quest to find the lost Mendo family treasure.

Chapter 25: Ryunosuke Family-Get-Together!!
The Fujinami’s close down the school store and go off to the mountains to train, but Ryunosuke gets sick of it and is ready to go home, when she runs into the gang from school on a ski trip.