Vol 6

Vol. 6 Highlights

This volume introduces Ryoko, the sadistic sister of Shutaro Mendo.

After a long hiatus away from the series, Tengu princess Kurama returns, hoping to get it on with Mendo.

It’s been a while, but Oyuki and Benten also return to Urusei Yatsura. From here on in, they become much more prominent characters.

As a change of pace, UY briefly becomes a 16th century period comedy. The cast innacurately reinacts the life story of legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

Lum’s father gets kicked out of the house, and invades Ataru’s home and school life

Note: These “scanlations” have all been flipped to read in the normal English language sense. Read them left to right as you would any other comic book.

Chapter 1: Stay Out of Our Teashop!
An innocent father-daughter run teashop is caught in the middle of a war between students playing hookey and militant teachers.

Chapter 2: Locker Inspection
Those overzealous teachers are going too far this time. It’s a school-wide locker inspection. The giant war robot Lum brought to school (who’s doubling as her schoolbag) fans the flames of war.

Chapter 3: That Old Class of Mine
Onsen-Mark’s lessons are being disrupted by constant interruptions, not the least of which are Lum’s friends who are trying to find a good place to hold their class reunion.

Chapter 4: Valentine’s Deception
Ataru begins to believe that love has forsaken him when he turns out to be the only one who gets no valentine’s chocolates. Even Lum seems to have betrayed him.

Chapter 5: The Longest Class
To avoid weekend detention, the students have to shut up and stay quiet for the rest of the class. It’s at this moment Ten chooses to carry out his revenge.

Chapter 6: The Mendo Family – Part 1
Ryoko Mendo, the evil little sister of Shutaro appears to torment her brother. Ataru is of course instantly smitten.

Chapter 7: The Mendo Family – Part 2
Ataru and Ryoko seek to recreate a famous scene from Romeo and Juliet as Mendo and Lum ruthlessly try to keep them apart.

Chapter 8: Hello Sailor Suits!
Ryoko and her friends play mind games using Ataru as a ginea pig. Lum notices Ataru disappearing each day and becoming more and more dog-like each time.

Chapter 9: Super Musashi
Onsen-Mark is cast as Miyamoto Musashi in a twisted tale from the feudal era. .

Chapter 10: Musashi, In Training!!
Part 2 of the Musashi story. Ataru continues to tarnish Musashi’s good name by doing the ol’ dine-n-dash all over the country. All the while Gojiro Sasaki searches for his sworn rival.

Chapter 11: Bad Boy Musashi, You’re No Man!!
Part 3 of the Musashi story. The Yoshioka clan continues their hunt for Miyamoto Musashi under the guise of a travelling circus troupe.

Chapter 12: Terror of the Willow Ghost!?
Ataru’s graphitti reveals the truth of an old high school legend of vengeful spirit haunting a withered willow tree on school grounds.

Chapter 13: Ten’s Nemesis
Ten gets sick of Ataru’s bullying and turns to Cherry. Cherry starts him off on a weight training regimen sure to turn him into a regular Charles Atlas in no time.
Chapter 14: Ten’s Gift
Lum, Shinobu, Ran and Sakura discuss life and love at one of those girly teashops when Ten gives them a device that will let them see who they are destined to be with. The results are less than satisfying.
Chapter 15: Jurassic Picnic
Fossils are found on a picnic trip in the mountains. Lum’s device brings them to life, as one of the weirdest freaks of biology ever seen..
Chapter 16: Toothache Wars!!
There’s an old wives tale that if you catch a cold, you can get rid of it by giving it to someone else. This strange llogic is taken a step further when Ten somehow passes on his toothache by biting Ataru.
Chapter 17: Money Laundering
Ataru gets a part-time job at a bath house for aliens. He’s stuck on the men’s side, but tries his darnest to peek over to the women’s side.
Chapter 18: Marital Bliss
Lum’s chauvanistic father imposes himself on the Moroboshi household after getting kicked out by his wife.
Chapter 19: The Grateful Raccoon
Oshima the raccoon takes a cue from the tale of the Grateful Crane and tries to repay Ataru’s kindness. But he can’t seem to get things right.

Chapter 20: Kurama Again!
Kurama returns seeking another mate. Ataru gets the upper hand once again, but she’s convinced Shutaro Mendo is the one.

Chapter 21: Seal it With A Kiss
Kurama continues to try to get together with Mendo, but Ataru tries his best to keep them apart.

Chapter 22: Goodbye Rules!!
Kurama rebels after discovering the idiotic reason behind her people’s ancient ritual of a maiden mating with the man who awakes her with a kiss.

Chapter 23: The Mendo Family Martial Arts Ball
Ataru is invited to a masked ball where first prize is a kiss from Ryoko. This isn’t just any dance ball though, it’s a deadly battle royale.

Chapter 24: A Bottled Lure!!
While visiting a seaside resort Ten finds a message in a bottle in the ocean. Soon Ataru and Mendo find bottles as well. They find themselves headed to an inlet that the locals insist is haunted.

Chapter 25: Devour the Suspense
After being lured into the inn by the strange group of maneaters, the gang slowly come to realize that everything is not quite kosher.